The Advanced Package includes all the benefits of the Professional Package, plus:

Unlimited Users:
No more worrying about how many users you can bring into the platform.  The sky isn't even the limit, because there isn't a limit. You can even invite your mom if you'd like.

Client Reports:
Quickly create a sharable report to show how your team is performing. Client Reports are customizable by Client and Section.

You can run a report to see how an agency team is performing for a set of clients. This is a great asset to review during your team reviews. 

You can also run a report to see how a specific client is progressing through their Active Campaigns. Since the report is customizable by section, you can choose what information you'd like to include and exclude when sharing it with a client. 

Unique URLs allow clients to view your report without the need to login to DoInbound or even have a DoInbound account.

Team Allocation:
The Team Allocation report allows you to quickly see how each member of your team is allocated within a set period of weeks. Click the report icon from any page in the platform and see a report on your team's allocation. 

You can make some changes to task owners, recalculate the report, and see how your adjustments impacted the team as a whole. 

A user's allocation is calculated by comparing the user's availability within a week against the total budgeted time set to tasks that are due within or before the selected time range. 

User Availability:
User Availability tells the system how many hours each user is available to work in a week. This is the foundation for the Team Allocation calculations. It also helps project managers better allocate resources when one team member goes on vacation or gets pulled into another project. 

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