At this point you should've met with your core team to fit your processes in the DoInbound Framework. You've likely taken a high-level tour of DoInbound and know how to move around the platform. 

Hopefully you've gone so far as activating a Campaign for a client and are managing real work inside DoInbound.

If you've followed those steps, you've gone farther down the process documentation and management path than most business owners ever will. Congratulations! 🎉🍾👏🏻

All the work you and the team have put into place to this point has been to create a solid foundation. From now on, you're focus is on tightening and streamlining your system. 

After reading this article and watching these videos, you will have a better understanding of some of the more powerful features inside DoInbound and how they can help make your day-to-day client and team management easier. 

How to Save a Deliverable as a Deliverable Template

A key to increasing agency profitability is capturing processes as you go. If a client pays you to solve a problem, it pays to capture that process so you can apply it to other clients. 

In DoInbound, you do this by saving a Deliverable in an Active client Campaign as a Deliverable Template. 

How to Control Who Sees Your Campaigns, Deliverables, & Tasks

There may be a situation where you want to bring a client into your DoInbound account, but limit the specific Campaigns, Deliverables, or Tasks that they can see. This video shows you have to set up Privacy Settings on Campaigns, Deliverables, and Tasks.

How to Move Campaigns & Deliverables Around 

From time to time, clients miss deadlines. When this happens at the end of the month or quarter, it can make things more confusing as you're planning for the next set of Deliverables. Moving Campaigns and Deliverables in DoInbound allows you to account for these situations.

How to Use Client Notes 

Client Notes are a great place to capture ideas, meeting minutes, and contact information for your clients. 

These notes can be visible to anyone who has client level access and can be removed using Advanced Permissions. 

How to See a Log of Activity Using the Agency Activity Feed in DoInbound

When you're managing client projects, it is important to know what needs done, what has been done, and who has done what. If you're looking for a quick report on a specific activity inside DoInbound, the Agency Activity Feed is the place to look!

How to Set Advanced Permissions in DoInbound

If you're inviting a client into your DoInbound portal, you may not want them to see the tasks inside each Deliverable. 

If you have a contractor who writes blogs, you may want them to have access to the Template Builder to help document their process. 

For both examples, Advanced Permissions allow you to control what Agency and Client Users can view, edit, create, or delete. 

How to Use "Quick Add" Button in DoInbound

Maybe you're on a client call and they share a request for a new Deliverable. Maybe you're in a weekly team meeting and you're assigned a stand alone task. Either way you can use the "Quick Add" button in DoInbound to create the new asset fast.

How to Get a High Level View of Agency Deliverables and Tasks in DoInbound

The Agency Overview Calendar can help you get a view of your team's tasks week over week. If can also help you check the status of all Deliverables, across clients, for the weeks or months to come. 

Each element on the calendar comes with the status triangle so you can quickly see what needs your attention.

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