Our integration with HubSpot makes it easy for you and your team to create assets in HubSpot right from a task in DoInbound. This article will show you how to put the integration to work. 

Step 1: Admin Turns on the Integration

Agency Admins can turn on the HubSpot integration by clicking "Agency Settings" in the dropdown in the upper right of the platform. 

Step 2: Each User Connects Their HubSpot Account Client-by-Client

Once the HubSpot integration is turned on, each user that would like to use the integration must connect each client to their HubSpot account. 

Select a client fro the DoInbound client selector, click on the Client name at the top of the screen, and select the "Integrations" tab. Here you can client "Connect" to integrate with the selected client with their HubSpot account. 

Step 3: Create Content in HubSpot From DoInbound on Any Task

After you've connected your HubSpot account to a client in DoInbound, you'll see a "Create in HubSpot" option added to each task for that client. 

Using this dropdown you can choose to create a blog post or landing page. Once you create the asset, it will link up on the task so you can easily access the content later. 

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