An agency owner who uses DoInbound recently asked me about whether or not his team should be submitting product feedback to us.

He, considerately, didn't want to overwhelm us with requests if we already had an internal process. He also wasn't sure of the most effective way to share their feedback with us. That simple question led to the realization that there are probably lots of users wondering the same thing...thus, this article 😄 

How should you submit product feedback?

We use Intercom (live chat functionality) to power our customer support, so that's the best place to share product feedback. To leave feedback, just pop open a new in-app chat and let us know about your issue or suggestion (if you prefer, you can also email [email protected]).

Yeah, but what's the best format?

Thank you for asking! 😉

We have three preferred formats, and I'll share them below in the order that we prefer (and which format is best for each type of feedback).

#1 — Screen sharing video — especially with bug reports or questions about how to accomplish something in the platform, we love it when we can follow along with you, hear you describe the issue, and watch exactly what you're doing. This is far and away the easiest way for us to replicate the issue and get you an answer ASAP.

Just take a quick screen sharing video walking us through the details, then start a new in-app chat, and share the link to your video with us.

Suggested tool: Loom — free, easy-to-use, Chrome extension for recording & sharing your screen.

#2 — Detailed text description — this is simple and what you'd expect. Just start a new in-app chat and start typing. The more detail you share, the more quickly we'll be able to help you out!

#3 — Attaching a Google Doc / Google Sheet — if you have been taking notes on improvements you'd like to see, or if you have a complex idea to share with us, compiling that into a Google Doc before sharing works great. Especially if you have a bunch of ideas to share at once, this is a great format. Now if you throw in a couple video links as well...😍😍😍 

Why should you submit product feedback?

It's true, we do already have an internal process and workflow for how bug reports, improvement ideas, and feature requests get logged, prioritized, selected, added to the roadmap, planned, built, QA'd, and implemented into DoInbound.

We're building, iterating, and growing quickly, and the roadmap and list of product ideas continues to grow quickly. A lot of those items get added based on our conversations with customers, agency experience, and as we use DoInbound everyday, but a lot of those items also come directly from you, our users!

There are 3 primary situations and reasons why we need your feedback to help us build the best management platform for your agency:

  1. The obvious case — if you found a bug, we need to know about it so we can get it fixed for you ASAP.
  2. The new feature request or improvement suggestion that would make your life easier — these new ideas get logged, categorized, reviewed, discussed, and prioritized. All of this shapes our roadmap moving forward.
  3. The feature request or improvement suggestion that we've already heard from other users — this is where it's easy to think "well, I'm sure they're working on it or have heard it before, so I should just be patient and wait..." Please, still let us know! Everybody expressed their pain (or suggested solution) differently and all of those perspectives inform the product evolution. Even if you do have the exact same suggestion as someone else, the number of comments, requests, or "votes" that we hear shapes the priority in DoInbound's roadmap.

All that to say, we really do value your feedback and want to hear from you. Who do you think we're building this for anyways? It's for you.

What's the Bottom Line?

We truly do want and value your feedback and we're here to make your life better, easier, and more effective. Pick the format that works best for your input and don't hesitate to start the conversation. Talk soon! ✊

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