What can I do with the Zapier integration?

The DoInbound Zapier integration allows you to easily move data between the apps that you use. For example, you will now be able to trigger a Slack notification every time you are mentioned in a DoInbound comment.

In Zapier, each zap requires a trigger (from the initiating app) and an action (taken by the receiving app). The DoInbound integration currently supports the following triggers and actions.


  • New Comment — triggers when a new comment is created.
  • New Time Entry — triggers when a new time entry is created.
  • Task Completed — triggers when a task is completed.
  • New Deliverable — triggers when a new deliverable is created.
  • Campaign Completed — triggers when a campaign in which you have been assigned a task is completed.
  • Campaign Activated — triggers when a campaign is activated.
  • Task Assigned — triggers when a task is assigned to a user.
  • Deliverable Completed — triggers when a deliverable in which you have been assigned a task is completed.
  • New Task — triggers when a new task is created.
  • New Client — triggers when a new client is created.
  • New Campaign — triggers when a new campaign is created.


  • Create Client — creates a new client (go figure, right?).

How do I get started?

If you don't have an existing Zapier account, go ahead and sign up for free! If you are an existing user, simply log in.

Once logged in, create a new zap, choose the correct applications, and get started! Follow the video tutorial below:

What are some common DoInbound zaps?

Some of the most popular zaps for DoInbound include:
— Creating a new Slack channel message when tasks have been completed.
— Adding new time entries from DoInbound into a Google Sheet.
— Getting notified in Slack when you are mentioned in a comment.

Let us know what your favorite zaps are and we'll be building out additional resources and example walkthrough videos for you!

How should I submit feedback?

If you run into bugs, have general feedback, or want to submit specific improvement requests, please leave us a message via Intercom (chat bubble on this page) or email us at [email protected].

To learn how to leave the most actionable, helpful feedback for DoInbound, check out this article.

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